Wednesday, 20 April 2016

A New Golden Age? Part V

PIU: Not sure entirely why I paired Jackie Paisley with Tina Nyguen, other than both being relatively lightweight and lean and showing quite a bit of flesh but the quote from Jackie does fit nicely into the fitspirational transformational aspect and the before and after of Tina certainly shows how conventionally pretty but unremarkable looks can turn into a jaw dropping Goddess.

But to be honest I probably really really wanted an excuse to include that pic (almost any pic) of Tina in her underwear.

And like with Diana Schnaidt [see yesterday] I just cannot comprehend how the average guy on the street couldn't find her attractive or why so few truly athletic women don't make the photo shoots or covers in the mainstream world, let alone become real huge stars.

We have understandable backlashes against the very skinny in fashion or the occasional so-called plus size model (who is usually closer to average/normal in size compared to the woman on the street) but female muscularity still seems to be one of the last taboos in mainstream media. In the 21st century!

FMS: Glad you found an excuse to choose a Tina Nguyen underwear pic! And while we're on the subject of hot hot heat...

Time for a confession! My magazine collection quickly began to take up a lot of space back then, and given that upwards of 90% of all the pages were of little interest, I would carefully cut out my favourite pics and paste them into scrapbooks.

I remember this one of Cathy Palyo. Can actually see it there on the scrapbook page, feel the same intense excitement of spending some quality time with this bronzed and beautiful goddess.

These days, there are so many more images, but some still have the same power over me. Exhibit A, Theresa in the pool for Her Biceps. Wow. Just WOW!

PIU: Yeah, ahh... Cathy P. I think because the print images were rarer as well, we treasured the iconic images more and apart from the occasional hairstyle, these 30 plus year old images don’t date one bit. Yet look at vintage Playboy type pics and as well as the over use of airbrushing or soft focus, they do tend to much more reflect the look of the times. Cathy would still not look out of place in any of today's print mags or paysites.

I started putting loose cut out pics into those photo albums you used to get, with the sticky transparent covering pages that used to hold them in place. I had several albums then they seemed to take up too much space or more likely I just got too much stuff to be able to organise them. I still mean to get round to scanning them, there's still a lot of stuff from that time that I haven't seen already online, specially the more obscure stuff.

FMS: Glad I wasn't the only one creating albums back in the day! Don't feel like such a freak now. Never kept mine though, sadly...

PIU: Theresa is well... the Package! Highest new entry on the Hot and Hard 100 last year, at 12. Will she make the Top Ten this time?

The 2016 FMS Hot and Hard 100 Countdown - COMING SOON!


  1. That pic of Jackie is a classic.

  2. Of my two closest friends at the time, one thought Cathey Palyo was the greatest ever. The other loved Gladys Portugues.

  3. The Theresa pic reminds me a bit of the Sarah Hayes in a pool pics I really like.