Sunday, 3 April 2016

Arnolds 2016 Review: Backstage Pass


The Dominator: Oksana Grishina (left, of course) took the Fitness crown, her 8th win in a row by my reckoning - and since then she's added a ninth, the Arnold Australia. The last time she entered a contest and didn't win was at the Arnold Europe way back in October 2013!

Autumn Swansen was a Fitness competitor then, only unveiling her new Physique self for the first time last year at the St. Louis Pro. She won there, placed 5th at her first Olympia, and now has the Physique International title. Little wonder she can't seem to stop smiling.

Also on a roll is Latorya Watts, who added the Arnold title to her Olympia win last year. Here she is "goofing around" (as they say) backstage with 3rd place Gennifer Strobo.


Fitness babes all dressed up.

Giorgia Foroni (left) and the (runner-up to Oksana) gorgeous Whitney Jones look resplendent, but without question the outfit of the night was Michelle Blank's...

Horny devil?

The Bikini Girls

Sometimes FMS feels perhaps we should give them a little more attention.

Nice Work If You Can Get It

Judging by this pic, only women need apply to apply backstage.

I could go either way on this. It's a) a totally sensible policy that keeps the likes of C. Moore well away from the talent, or b) an utterly disgusting example of sexual discrimination.

Backstage Beauty

Jill Dearmin & Beni Lopez

Yeon Woo-Ji & Jehina Malik

Tonya Hooker & Susan Smith

Backstage Muscle

The Physique top 5, 4 most musculars - with a special mention for a really really great effort from Tamee Marie (far left) - while Autumn Swansen, even after the show, doesn't take a chance with such an illegal pose. Attention to detail - it's what makes a champion...


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