Friday, 1 April 2016

Arnolds 2016 Review: 40+

Three women from the pro show with age on their side.

LaDrissa Bonivel 41 years young

Apparently, LaDrissa is a regular at comic conventions. She began competing back in 2005, but it was only after switching to Physique in 2011 that she gained her pro card, with the highlight of her career so far being consecutive wins at the 2014 and 2015 San Jose Pro.

Interestingly, it's been said that she "resents" being called a bodybuilder, so I should probably steer clear of talking about the beautiful body this native of Chicago has built for herself.

Sherri Gray 45 years young

Everybody's favourite triceps was "too muscular" for Figure when she started competing back in 2007, so she switched to Bodybuilding. Ironically, she's been competing in Physique over the last couple of years but without much success, so she's probably still "too muscular"!

Results don't define her though. I'm a lifting Mum, she says. Like a normal Mum, only much cooler. And she had "a blast" at the Arnolds. Regardless of how I place at a show, my favourite part is seeing friends I've met over the years and meeting new ones!

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Tracy Hess 50 years young

I like being an athletic woman, says Tracy Hess, and I love Physique because it's more athletic, more about symmetry, and more feminine [than Bodybuilding]. Die hards may well disagree with that statement but even the most ardent female muscle hater would have a hard time accusing the gorgeous, glamorous Tracy of lacking in the femininity department.

And as I could only turn up a couple of pics of her from the show, here's some more of the gorgeous, glamorous and thoroughly athletic Tracy from her YouTube channel Zone2bTone.

She must be lying about her age!


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