Thursday, 21 April 2016

A New Golden Age? Part VI

PIU: I think my pic of Dona Oliviera is one I treasured, I must still have it somewhere, I supposed I paired it fairly randomly with the Asha Hadley because of the pumped deltoid pose as well as the other obvious attractions both have to offer.

FMS: Yes, Dona still looks amazing, and she was a favourite of mine too, as Asha is today. Of course I only knew Dona from the magazines - the on stage shots and the glamour. On the other hand, I/we can see Asha on stage and glammed up, but also drenched in sweat at the gym, enjoying herself on a day off, taking in a baseball game etc. etc. She puts herself out there via social media, so - though I may be deluding myself - I feel like I actually "know" her to some extent.

PIU: And Dona's back and was still looking great in 2014 at 53!

FMS: My next pair are Tonya Knight and Sharlene Franken. Again, Tonya, arguably as much media exposure as an FBB ever had. A tour of Britain even, if I remember correctly. She was on TV at least twice while she was here.

And yet, she remained remote for me. I never had - and still don't - any sense of the person behind the muscles.

PIU: Certainly remember Tonya's visit. Still got her appearance on the Jonathan Ross chat show on VHS somewhere. And bought the Bicep Bombshell tape from one of the big record stores in Oxford St. (remember them?)

FMS: Sharlene is kind of in direct contrast. She is only known via her own social media. One of the Muscle Moms you mentioned, she uploads clips and selfies. Mostly she's working out, flexing, posing. She updates almost every day, and her Instagram has become one of my favourite follows since I first discovered her.

The final part of this "conversation" (for now) follows tomorrow...

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