Monday, 18 April 2016

A New Golden Age? Part III

PIU: Britanny Finlay is another self-promoter who I found by discovering a few teasing shots of her via Instagram. She became the IFBB Ms Fitness Australia 2014 at, wait for it, aged 19!

I paired her with the feline Sharon Bruneau mostly just because they are both looking lean in an "Oh My God" sort of way.

FMS: Lots of OMG moments back then with Sharon! Another great beauty - as we've discussed before, it's no wonder we got so addicted. Sharon had a movie star aura, I always thought. Real charisma on stage.

Brittany Finlay I have never heard of before. Great picture though. Love that super lean look, which again is probably due to the fact that was the prevailing look of the women in those 80s magazines.

Ok, next up, Sandy Riddell and Erica Blockman. Not trying to be cryptic, am sure you will get the connection!

PIU: Ah, Sandy and Erica. Which brings me to the thought about FBBs etc. needing other jobs or not.

I doubt the proceeds from comps in the past was enough to retire on, but perhaps the internet age allowed more to flourish with merchandise, sponsorship, personal training related work and for some, sessions and (sometimes adult) video and photo work. But we also have the weekend warriors, the fit moms, the crossfitters, who probably have another life between posting their physical perfection on Instagram etc., as Erica does.

Two more choices each tomorrow.

And in case you didn't know, Sandy and Erica both work(ed) as firefighters.

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