Thursday, 7 April 2016

Arnolds 2016 Review: Pic of the Show

Not an easy thing to pick one outstanding pic from the (literally) thousands of images of the 2016 Arnold Classic and Arnold Amateur, but Matthias Busse's image of Tamee Marie's abs and thigh from the Physique International prejudging definitely stood out for me.

We do love this particular pose here at FMS.

There is nothing more sexual on women than that thrust, with the nipples, armpits, and pussy just offered up as the muscles strain and push them forward...

In fact, it's the only pose (so far) we've added to our (very) occasional Hall of Fame series.

I remember Tamee from ten years or so ago, a Figure girl in her pink bikini. She never had much success in Figure, but embraced the muscle to move up to Physique and was rewarded with her pro card. She's had some good results since 2011, even a couple of Olympia qualifications, but she's always finished way down in Las Vegas - 9th her best showing and that was in 2013. But she kept building, so 4th at the Physique International was something of a personal triumph for Tamee. And looking at her crunching down and thrusting forward, the look of pride, the (am I imagining this?) admiring gazes of her fellow competitors...

Well, I'd say she fully deserved it.


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