Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Far From Routine: Be My Guest

For our second installment of "all-time favourite" routines, a triple dose of nominations from the inimitable JL, the last of which also serves as the starter in a three-course feast of routines from one of female bodybuilding's greatest performers.

Those of you familiar with JL will be well aware that there is truly no greater love than the love he has for Yaxeni, so it'll be no surprise that the first of his nominations is a routine of hers. In fact, as he explains, it was this routine that started it all. Yaxeni's routine at 1999 IFBB Pro Extravaganza caused the best orgasm I'd ever experienced in 5 years of pleasure with FBB materials, he says. This Venezuela-breed beefcake was immediately crowned "The Most Orgasmic Muscle Cum Queen God Ever Created", and The Yaxeni Orgasmic Moment (YOM) has been getting better and better ever since.

1999 Pro Extravaganza

Did you have a good YOM?!

Up next, JL's second suggestion, and this one's in HD, so get some fluids on board.

Tina Chandler needs no further introduction, says JL. From her first win in 2004 at the NPC Texas in Arlington, I've lost count of the number of times I've wanked to the sheer sexuality of this spermalicious Shreveport, Louisiana breed white beef.

He's never one to tell you less than you'd care to know, is he?

I would like to highlight her routine at the 2011 Tampa Pro, he tells us. Shiny PVC posing outfit on her ripped tanned muscles, and... that belly button ring! How can you resist a fast, furious wank? Indeed. The clip is all over in less than two minutes.

Gentlemen, start your engines...

2011 Tampa Pro

And we're not even halfway through today's post. Pace yourself.

Now, when I asked for your favourite routines, I wasn't actually thinking about Guest Posing, but you most definitely were. Far be it from me to poo-poo your nominations just because I didn't explain myself properly, so throughout the week our evening shows will be punctuated with guest posers for your viewing pleasure.

JL's guest poser is female muscle legend Laura Creavalle, and yes, naturally he has some observations about the routine that he wants to share with you.

This is the best muscle sexhibition from this Guyana-breed chocolate beef, he says. Laura, he reckons, is sending a message she wants kinky sex. I can see the moment she starts flexing she gets horny at the same time. First time I watched I remember I had to pull my cock out and wanked 6 times in the row. You've got to love him!

And you've got to love this!

Guest Posing

Quite a finish, isn't it?

Anyway, we leave JL (no doubt his eyes rolling back in their sockets) but stay with Laura, because that classic guest posing routine was not the only nomination she received. As our final offerings today, two Ms Olympia routines from Laura that other readers (who don't care to share so much!) put on their lists of all-time favourites.

Reader Request

1991 Ms Olympia

Reader Request

1993 Ms Olympia


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