Sunday, 10 July 2016

Summer Break I: Day 7

In the past, FMS has tended to close up shop for weeks over the summer, usually during August. We've tried not to leave you FMS-less on those occasions, and have consequently come up with ideas like Legs Month, August Picture Post, and, last year, While the Slave's Away to tide you over while we're sunning ourselves.

This year we're not shutting up the offices for one long holiday but a series of shorter breaks, but our commitment to give you at least one stunning example of female muscle heat to look at every day remains. So this year it's Summer Breaks, and this week we're taking our first of the year. We hope you enjoy our selections.


Not the best quality pictures, I thought to myself, but DAMN especially that one on the right. Is she standing right in front of his face because she's so into herself she gets turned on giving him an eyeful or because she's so into herself that she hasn't even noticed him? And then, I couldn't even decide which scenario was hotter.

Say hello to Grace Kelly, no really, that appears to be what her name is. Or Grace Kelly Bom Bom. She adds that to it. Or, just plain ol' Gracesex, which is her Instagram moniker. Can't you tell? She's the shy and retiring type is Grace. Not.

To say she's grown a bit would be putting it mildly.

She's fully on her way to becoming an entirely different species altogether.

She's the latest WFF Champion of São Paulo, and as you may know in the WFF they call the FBB category "Extreme Body". Somehow that seems entirely appropriate.

Awefilms have come a-calling already.

And they're pretty good at spotting the next big thing, the new extreme.

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