Saturday, 16 July 2016

The Games Are Coming: Jeanne Rossarie


Like a more ripped Camille Leblanc Bazinet, says our CrossFit correspondent, explaining the appeal of this 5'3" PE teacher from Montpellier. Those quads... he says, French speaking also... He didn't even write this much about all his other choices put together, which leads me to the conclusion that he quite likes Jeanne.

Hardly surprising, n'est-ce pas? Though we should say at this point that Jeanne came nowhere near qualifying for the Games. Nowhere near. Not even to the Regionals.
But given that she's only 25 and looks like "a more ripped Camille" (and in French), it's probably fair to say she is one to watch. And not just for the future.

She's already attracted some attention on the female muscle lovin' forum boards, unusually for a little-known CrossFitter, and especially so because she's from outside the US. Seems the brethren were alerted by her recent appearance at a French CrossFit event, and were particularly impressed by the shots of her in her Speedo-style panty things and her tiny, tiny orange top and the perkiness it fails to hide.

Both she, and the images are powerful stuff. "Adore her", one fan comments. "Perfection", says another. And images of her in her light blue Reebok outfit the same weekend have proved almost as moving to her growing number of admirers.

This pic is showing up everywhere, notes one of Jeanne's 10,000+ Instagram followers, referring to Jeanne on the run at the "French Throwdown" event below.

And here it, and she, is showing up again. Quelle surprise!

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