Saturday, 2 July 2016

Flores Rules the (NABBA) World

Brazilian women tend to fare well at international NABBA shows. It's been three years since a brasileira failed to triumph in at least one of the classes at the NABBA Worlds and or the NABBA Universe - entirely appropriate, you might think, given the thong and glute-fest that NABBA shows are! But anyway, the 2016 NABBA Worlds were held in Brazil, ensuring a high contingent of Brazilian femuscle, and, it would have been fair to assume, all but guaranteeing there would be some home winners.

And so it proved.

The Figure Masters winner - Vivianne Romaguera - and both of the Trained Figure class winners - Andrea Carvalho and Ariane Souza (who also won the Overall title) - hail from Brazil. In fact, there only one non-Brazilian winner among the women, NABBA Britain champion Emma Hyndman winning in the Toned Figure class.

The Physique (ie. Bodybuilding) class, after briefly disappearing from the NABBA Worlds in 2014, was back again, and it is here we find the most exciting new NABBA Worlds champ. Another Brazilian, and perhaps the woman whose muscles have grabbed the attention both of FMS and the female muscle lovin' world in general more than any other so far in 2016, the magnificent Flores Neide Souza Campos.

In May, we noted a few of the reactions Flores has been getting on the forums. And that post generated more praise for her from FMS readers themselves. Hottest new FBB! She's stunning, exclaimed "Mike". I hope she sticks around for a long time, he added. I've seen her Awefilms video, reported another reader, and [it] is just incredible.

Flores is incredibly hot and sexy, a German reader commented. I hope she keeps growing into a true muscle goddess with insane deltoids and thanks to her husband (who, you may remember is also her trainer) more muscular and sexier yet!

And here, thanks to the NABBA YouTube channel, who have been uploading routines, callouts and awards clips from the show with their usual efficiency, is this amazing slab of carne nobre doing her World champion thing at the show. And in a thong posing suit too! It's almost too much for this ol' female muscle head. Almost.

Flores is, in case you didn't know, on Instagram.

Check out her work with Awefilms - rarely has the "AWE" seemed more fitting - here.

Ai karamba!

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