Saturday, 23 July 2016

Obsessions New & Old: The Ultimate Obsession

I’ve lived long enough to know that it’s muscle on a woman that turns me on more than anything. I love it. Any amount of it will do, but the more muscle there is, the more defined and proportional it is, the more turned on I seem to get. I simply find muscular female physiques to be more beautiful and more sensual than any other body type.

Lovers of female muscle (myself included) seem to spend a lot of our time trying to explain what it is we love about women with muscles in a way that gentlemen who prefer blondes, or big fake tits, or older women, or Asian women, don't. We explain it to ourselves, to each other, maybe even on the odd occasion to those who deride the women we adore. And when we do, we don’t usually put very succinctly, but basically what it is all about is - for me anyway - purely and simply, is their muscles.

In the same way that many guys can’t understand what we find arousing about these amazing women, I can’t conceive what it is like to not be aroused by muscles on a woman. When others say female bodybuilders lack the curves of a conventionally sexy woman, I am genuinely confused. I too love curves on a woman, and muscle women have curves everywhere because of all their muscles. How can others not see that?! They have curves in places that most women don’t have places, making them, for my money, the most curvaceous, and therefore, the sexiest, women of all.

I love the way muscles look whether relaxed or flexed, in motion or frozen in a photographic image. If sthenolagnia is "arousal by the display of strength or muscles", then the keywords for me are "display" and "muscles". I guess that's why I love the "ripped" look. When, beneath paper-thin skin, even the fibres of the muscles show.

You know back in the days of the trip to the newsagent’s to get my female muscle fixes, I would buy the magazines so that I could masturbate while looking at the pictures of the likes of Cory, Anja etc. And I did plenty of that. Plenty. But I also remember that I would spend a lot of time between those frenetic moments in a kind of trance-like contemplation, gazing at the photos, following the contours of their muscles, all the curves on their bodies, thinking about how perfect their physiques were.

And I dreamed that one day I would actually get to touch those muscles, to follow the contours of those magnificent bodies with not just my eyes, but with my hands. To feel the hard muscle beneath the skin. I couldn’t imagine anything more arousing.

Unfortunately, I never got to touch Cory or Anja! But I have felt the muscles of dancers, gymnasts and martial artists with my own hands (hands that were shaking with the excitement of the moment) and more recently my own wife's developing body. And even despite my highly idealised expectations, I've loved it every time.

Yes, the wife. I haven't said much about her for a while on here, the reason being I hate to refuse all those requests for pictures (respectful though they were, despite one or two going a little over the top). I hate to disappoint. But anyway, yes, all those things I thought - prayed - would happen when she decided to "get in shape" have happened and/or are happening. Once she got off the cardio fixation and started actually lifting the changes she saw in her body shape meant she no longer needed my, or anyone else's, encouragement. It became addictive. Greater pride in her body equals greater confidence. More revealing gymwear, a more revealing wardrobe full stop. She feels sexier, she enjoys sex more, there's more - much more - sex. Thanks to muscle.

And she really hasn't built that much. She's not as big as even the smallest woman in today's selection of muscle goddesses. If she were, if she carries on as she is now, will I still be bothering to look at these pictures? Will I still be as addicted, as obsessed with other women's muscles as I've always been? I sincerely hope I get to find out!

Hi, I'm David. And I'm obsessed with female muscle.