Friday, 22 July 2016

Obsessions New & Old: Layla!

My introduction to today's obsession was the above pic. That's a beautiful chest, I thought (or something to that effect), and after spending a bit of quality time, er, let's say "contemplating" its beauty, I wondered who the beauty who had built that beautiful chest was. But there was no name attached to the pic, so I scrolled down to the comments below it. That's a beautiful chest, said one. Great minds clearly think alike, but none of the comments were much help in identifying the beautiful chest's owner.

Then another pic turned up. Had to be the same woman. Damn, that looks delicious, read the single comment below it. True, very true, but again no ID. Double damn!

So out went the call to all the FMS helpers. The ID specialists. What a team they'd make if only they knew each other! And back came the answer (with links to many many more pictures of our new obsession) - the beautiful chest was Layla Allen's.

American probably, I thought. Physique probably. I typed the name into Google and once again I was confronted with the depths of my own ignorance. Not American, Scottish. Not Physique, at least not IFBB Physique anyway. Figure, but the kind of muscular "Trained" Figure you find in federations like NABBA and WFF for example.

And those pecs have been around for years it turns out. Though I guess given their qualities that much ahould have been obvious to me! Layla has been competing since around 2004, and has won more titles than you can possibly imagine - NABBA, BNBF, UKBFF - and, most recently, she became the IBFA Ms Universe in the 35+ Figure category for the second consecutive year. And I'd never, ever, heard of her. DOH!
Layla - and those pecs - at the 2016 IBFA Universe

She was "in her 30s" when she started competing, so she must be comfortably over the 35+ age limit for her IBFA category, beating women considerably younger than her. Layla has one of the best physiques in the country, reads her Facebook - "Glam Fitness" - blurb. In fact, it's clearly better than most physiques in the world.

I don't usually obsess about a particular bodypart on a particular woman. It seems a bit rude given they clearly work damn hard on the whole package, and as a serial champion Layla definitely has that overall package. But sometimes it's unavoidable. The bodypart is so exceptional, so swoonworthy on its own, that I can't help myself.

And the latest pec-oriented offerings from Layla above and below haven't had me wondering when she's going to post a more head-to-toe picture of herself. Actually, she does post a lot more pics of her pecs on her Instagram than anything else. Perhaps she might be just as obsessed with them than I am, probably she's even more obsessed.

After all, it's taken her a fair few years to hone her chest into such amazing shape. Takes dedication that, and a lot of hard graft. Effort beyond the comprehension of the average female. Some would call it an obsession. She's gone too far, she looks too different from the norm. But I, and I dare say you, dear reader, couldn't disagree more. Who wants to be "normal" anyway? Happily not Layla Allen. Long may she, and those exceptional women like her, remain obsessed with building exceptional bodies.

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