Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Summer Break I: Day 2

In the past, FMS has tended to close up shop for weeks over the summer, usually during August. We've tried not to leave you FMS-less on those occasions, and have consequently come up with ideas like Legs Month, August Picture Post, and, last year, While the Slave's Away to tide you over while we're sunning ourselves.

This year we're not shutting up the offices for one long holiday but a series of shorter breaks, but our commitment to give you at least one stunning example of female muscle heat to look at every day remains. So this year it's Summer Breaks, and this week we're taking our first of the year. We hope you enjoy our selections.


This, I don't mind telling you, left me so open-mouthed my breakfast cereal went tumbling down my shirt. Condition: Me, says Liz Montalbano, NPC Figure goddess and builder of this insanely ripped bod. Color: Danielle Lazaro (NPC Physique competitor and stylist, make-up artist and - quite clearly - a tanning expert who likes to take it dark). Thank you for this insane tan, says Liz. I absolutely love it.


This was, I believe, taken before Liz's appearance at the NPC Garden State Championships recently. She won her class and came 2nd in the Over 40 class.
Yes, OVER 40. It's hard to know where to look, but when your gaze arrives at that incredible detail across her left pec, well, I find it hard to look away.

Liz has her own website, and is on Instagram.

See Liz at the Garden State contest, and more, on NPC News Online.

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