Sunday, 31 July 2016

Far From Routine: Your Top 3

We're not talking about Hot and Hard 100 numbers of votes, and as I mentioned the other day, there were a handful of reader nominations that didn't make it to the FMS inbox in time for this week's posts, so it looks like we'll be revisiting this theme again in the near future, but today's three routines all received multiple mentions.

Here they are then, your...

Most Requested

2004 Ms Olympia

The aspect ratio is a bit wrong, but that doesn't seem to worry those who voted. A number of the ladies at the 2004 Ms Olympia took up the chance to incorporate some kind of costume into their posing routines, but Denise's headgear has proved to have been by far the most memorable. Sexiest routine ever! one reader exclaims, and as our old friend JL, on whose YouTube channel the clip resides, points out, Denise is fully aware of her incredible sex appeal, and the xxxcitement and desire that she causes!

1993 Ms Olympia

One of the more well-known routines in the history of female bodybuilding, I'd say, and for good reason. She is really walking the line here as to what's acceptable on stage and what isn't, says Carla Dunlap on the commentary. It's so easy to interpret so many things in bodybuilding as "sexual". Indeed. And if your comments are anything to go by, there's no doubt how the collective you interpret Denise's "golden" routine. The beautiful bronzed angel in the gold bikini, one reader calls her. If she didn't define true beauty, I don't know who did. She's the reason I became interested in this sport.

1997 Ms International

I have to admit I was initially somewhat surprised that Laura's 1997 Ms International routine proved to be the most popular with readers, but having watched (and rewatched) this gem - appropriately available courtesy of Ellogon's YouTube channel - I'm a lot less surprised now. Bronzed, oiled and as one reader puts it, "as built as a tank", every pose Laura hits reveals breathtaking muscularity. And, despite some lively music, her style appeals to members of the "take it slow" posing fan club. And all in a posing suit from the days before the point of them seemed to be to cover up as much as possible. No wonder the crowd reacted as they did. How can I forget this routine? says our old friend JL. One of the biggest loads, and the best orgasms I xxxperienced in 1997. It seems that nearly twenty years after she performed it, your collective all-time favourite routine is still giving many of you more than a feeling!

Thanks to all of you who got in touch. As I noted above, if your favourite didn't appear this week, don't panic. Not all your suggestions were received in time to put the posts together, so we'll be having another week of "all-time favourite" routines on FMS real soon. If you haven't voted yet, please do! Send your list to Links to the routines would be great or you can send me files of the clips instead.


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