Monday, 1 August 2016

Champion of the Day: Anne Sheehan

NPC Masters Nationals 35+ Heavyweight & Overall Champion
NPC Masters Nationals 40+ Heavyweight & Overall Champion

And with those titles, her long-awaited IFBB pro card at the age of 43. Still can't believe it's true! she told her Instagram followers a few days after the show. It's been a dream of mine since I was 9 years old that I've been working hard for for 16 years.

I ALWAYS thought you were a major leaguer playing in the minors, wrote Roxanne Edwards, one of those followers and one of the many IFBB pros to send Anne their congratulations. Clearly in all those years in "the minors" she's made a lot of friends.

And fans. Fans of her "beautiful thick muscle". She's huge, hard to believe she isn't a pro yet, wrote one - and that was a couple of years ago, since when she has been knocking at the IFBB pro card door at national NPC events. She got robbed last year at the Nationals, losing to a woman that looked like a physique competitor, one of those fans reckons. But now, finally, that door has opened, and she's not going to be hanging around. Next weekend, all being well, she'll make her pro debut in Tampa.

They have their own tumblr, her fans. Head there for much much more of Anne, including many recent pics of her during her prep for this contest.

Let's give one of those fans the last word today. I don't care what anyone else thinks, but Anne seems to get hotter and hotter every day. I always look forward to any new material from her with great anticipation, and she never seems to disappoint. One of the hottest she-beasts in the game! Anne is one of the select few hyper-muscular women like Christine Envall, Aleesha Young, Maria Segura, and Colette Guimond. She is a tank. In my opinion she is currently the best poser around, has a bangin' body and the biggest Adam's apple of all female bodybuilders. Very sexy!

Congratulations Anne!

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