Sunday, 14 August 2016

Joanna Wilson

The very sad news that Physique competitor Joanna Wilson had passed away before the contest overshadowed this year's NPC USAs. According to the Krivs Studios blog, Friends related over Facebook that Joanna had been battling a case of pneumonia in recent weeks. Nevertheless, she was determined to compete this past weekend. Joanna flew to Las Vegas, but her health turned tragically for the worse.

Perhaps even more sadly, her death was followed by all kinds of ridiculous speculation about its causes. Every YouTube meathead with a product to plug was telling their followers all about the dangers of this and that during contest prep, jumping to all kinds of conclusions, showing no respect for her devastated family and friends.

Meanwhile, however, tributes from those who knew her personally and fans who followed her career spoke of a sweet, inspirational woman, and a GoFundMe page was set up to help those she'd left behind through this most difficult of times.

Joanna Wilson was a huge inspiration to many in our community as well as others across the world, reads the tribute there. She genuinely believed in you, encouraging you to believe in yourself. She pushed you to strive to your full potential both in the gym as well as outside the gym. She was an amazing wife as well as mother to two kids. While in Las Vegas with her family and friends, she passed away due to health complications. This campaign was set up to support the heartbroken family. All proceeds will go directly to the family. Thank you. Help spread the word.

In a career that spanned almost a decade, Joanna competed in Figure, Bodybuilding and, most recently, Physique, with the high point probably coming at the 2010 Emerald Cup where she won her class and the overall Bodybuilding title. She was a loving wife and mother and everyone who knew her loved her, reads the brief tribute on the contest's Facebook page. Our bodybuilding community grieves her loss.

Tributes and condolences to Joanna's family and friends have also been paid across the female muscle lovin' fan forums, with genuine shock and sadness at this tragic news and genuine anger at how others have made so many assumptions. She will clearly be missed by all of those she knew and many, including myself, who she did not.

I'm no Victoria Secret Model, but I'm pretty sure I could pick one up and squat her.
Joanna Wilson

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