Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Summer Break @NPC USAs

In the past, FMS has tended to close up shop for weeks over the summer, usually during August. We've tried not to leave you FMS-less on those occasions, and have consequently come up with ideas like Legs Month, August Picture Post, and, last year, While the Slave's Away to tide you over while we're sunning ourselves.

This year we're not shutting up the offices for one long holiday but a series of shorter breaks, but our commitment to give you at least one stunning example of female muscle heat to look at every day remains. So this year it's Summer Breaks, and part deux reviews the recent NPC USAs. We hope you enjoy our selections.


This was Stephanie Flesher's chest, a full six weeks before the NPC USAs. The sight of those thick veins running all over her chest, along with other pics she posted during her preparation for the USAs, had me pretty much rabid with excitement by the time the show kicked off. You see, I've been following (some call it "stalking", I say following) Stephanie's Instagram for a little while now. That chest pump wasn't my introduction to her though, it was the pic (Big biceps! Big hands! Long fingers!!!) below. She isn't the easiest woman to find on Instagram, but once I got a name, I was hungry for more.

She seems to have that effect on fans. A follower of hers from way back in 2012 when she was doing Figure hadn't forgotten her a full three years later when she returned to the stage as a Physique competitor. Suggesting, or perhaps begging would be more accurate, the Herbiceps bods to grab her (and never let her go!) he noted that she's put on some size since the last time she competed, but still has that beauty.
Stephanie in Figure in 2012 (left) and Physique in 2015

She ain't lost that beauty yet, either.

It was no surprise to me that Stephanie won her class at the USAs, and with it a pro card. And then her man proposed. And she said yes. Cue serious celebration...

What happened in Vegas with her family is worth the Instagram follow (not stalk, follow) alone. As is the state of Stephanie's magnificent body throughout her prep. If you only watch one thing there though, watch this - and see just how this lady achieves that full-on freaky chest and upper body (as showcased in our first pic above).

She may have a wedding to plan, but I don't expect it'll be three years until Stephanie dons a posing suit again. Being on stage makes me feel so ALIVE!!!!!! she says. And looking at the photos from this (and other contests) she's done, I can well believe it.

And for an extra little treat, get ready to temporarily lose many of your higher brain functions as Stephanie sizzles all over your screen (for a brief, but most glorious five seconds) in a Muscle Angels promo. Guaranteed to leave you hungry for more.
Why not head over to Stephanie's Instagram and join me in the follow?


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