Thursday, 25 August 2016

Marcie Madness

Marcie Simmons isn't competing this year. Instead, she's on a break, enjoying her off-season "full-time superhero" body, unable to resist flexing while out shopping, feeling "huge and beautiful" and, in the summer sun, like a "bronzed queen".

She's never been backwards in coming forwards about how sexy her muscles make her feel (see FMS passim), but in the last few weeks on her "reloaded" YouTube channel Marcie Madness, she's been offering her opinion on a number of issues.

They include R.Kelly's 19-year-old girlfriend, how to be pro-black without being anti-white, and male bodybuilders who go "gay for pay". But the majority of her pronouncements are of more specific interest to the female muscle fan. In fact, female muscle fans themselves are the subject of more than one of her clips - for example, What Are Some Possible Causes Of Sexual Attraction To Muscle, Strength, & Power?? and The Importance Of Schmoes In The World Of Bodybuilding!!!

Well if that's the definition of a schmoe, then yours truly is...

She's even used the picture on my Blogger profile to illustrate the clip!

Great to have an FBB's perspective, and even better that perspective is almost completely positive. Sure, the "script" could be a little tighter - let me say right here that if you need an editor, Marcie, I'm here for you - but it's wonderful that she's discussing this and other "taboo in the FBB world" subjects so frankly.

Ever wondered what the pros and cons of being a female bodybuilder in daily life are? Marcie wants to tell you. Want an FBB perspective on "The Dark Side of Female Bodybuilding" or how getting involved in the adult entertainment industry can affect how an FBB's placing in a competition? You can find out at Marcie Madness.


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