Saturday, 20 August 2016

Picture Perfect

Having gone into a bit more detail than originally intended with last week's Summer Break @NPC USAs posts, I find myself playing catch-up. No time for very much at all, I'm afraid, so this week I'm having to go a bit PumpItUp - one picture every day.

One perfect picture.


3 weeks to go to the Wings of Strength Rising Phoenix World Championships and the signs are that the defending champ isn't about to let her crown go without a fight.

Hard to know where to start with this picture. As soon as you notice those mighty shoulders, your eyes are drawn to her big juicy pecs. Or her massive arms. Then you're back at the shoulders. Then you notice the quads, but you still can't take your eyes off those biceps. Or the pecs. Muscle everywhere. Prime championship beef.

19 women are listed as being eligible to compete so far. The rest of the top 5 from last year - Helle Trevino, Debi Laszewski, Yaxeni Oriquen and Alana Shipp. Winners of the pro events this year - Kim Buck (Puerto Rico), Laura Carolan (Toronto), Isabelle Turell (Omaha), Jacqueline Fuchs (Chicago) and Sheila Bleck (Tampa). Seven women qualify on points (the top 5 and ties) - Angela Rayburn, Nancy Clark, Lora Ottenad, Lisa Cross, Amanda Aivaliotis, Bonnie Switzer (Pappas), Cathy Lefrançois and Rita Bello. Only one of those "special invites" had been handed out at the time of writing - to Alina Popa.

And last but not least, there will be the Champ.

A mouth-watering (among other things) line-up. Roll on September 10th.

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