Sunday, 7 August 2016

Champion of the Day: Jessica Martin

NPC USA Women's Physique Overall Champion

Hang on! screamed my editor. I thought Jessica Martin was...

Well, yes, that is also Jessica Martin, though she's more commonly known as "Jess" or "Mini Monsta" (what with "Lil'" being taken as a monikker and all). Canadian, also Physique, also a pro. Jodi Boam's chief cohort. Yes yes yes, Jessica Martin.

But she is not the Jessica Martin who triumphed at this year's NPC USAs.

This is Jessica Martin new IFBB pro...

Right... said the editor, suddenly lost for words as he contemplated this new Jessica Martin's contest gallery. He sat transfixed by the vision before him. And "The Jessica Effect" has been felt elsewhere too. When I saw her pics I thought to myself, "who the f**k is this?" wrote one forum member who was feeling it. Her first time competing in Physique and she wins the overall and turns pro, he writes. She is ridiculous!

Now I'm assuming where he comes from "ridiculous" is a compliment, because her transformation has been truly remarkable. Our new Jessica was, until last year, a Figure competitor. 12 months ago she was competing at the NPC Masters Nationals and not even getting a placing. She's certainly a big girl now. My how she has grown!

Sadly, unlike the other Jessica Martin, there is very little I have found regarding her or her story. Everything I know I have gleaned from Nicole Wilkins' post-show interview with her. If you can't be arsed to watch, the keywords are Oregon, mother of a nine-year-old, lost a lot of weight, loving it, and "this is the division for me"...

Congratulations to Jessica!

And we'll be staying at the NPC USAs next week as FMS takes a second Summer Break.

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