Monday, 16 January 2017

2017 Already Better Than 2016!

26th July 2016

I'm in Vegas this month, Sexy Sophie Arvebrink, one of our 2013 Women of the Year, told her Facebook followers. Seriously living life here with gym in the morning, school in the daytime, pool parties and clubs at night. Sounds interesting... If you want to do the same thing, she advised, check out @europeanbartenderschool.

Sophie seemed to be having fun, But some fans did not take this news well.

And when Sophie's Instagram got deleted, they took it worse.

I tell you, wrote one especially despondent soul, she'll never come back. She's deleted this from her past. Why? Because she can. She's still on Facebook, mate. Cheer up!

You have to accept that you must forget her as the woman you like, he continued, same as Sarah Bäckman. Forget her, it's the best thing you can do...


Well, predictably, the doomsayer's rather hysterical take on Sophie's "break" has not proved to be entirely accurate. Nor Sarah Bäckman's, but that's another post.

The good news is Sophie's back!

5th January 2017

My account got hacked, I did NOT delete it, Sophie told her new Instagram followers.

But I'm finally back on now and I'm here to stay.

Gains have been lost and my hair is gone...

But motivation is on top and goals have been set for this year. Love, Sophie.

So, there you are. She's back, OK, smaller, but stunning as ever and she could mix you just about any cocktail you care to order. The hair, I like it (you can see her angelic face better), however, already there have been some comments on her (new) IG.

I can tell some of you don't like my new hairstyle, Sophie responded. I've never had short hair before and I wanted to try. It's just hair, it will grow back out. Until then, I will enjoy doing sprints and running without my annoying long hair.

Annoying followers might be more difficult to get rid of.

Let's all be considerate IG stalkers in 2017.

We wouldn't want Sophie, Sarah, or any other of our female muscle favourites to feel the need to restrict or even close their social media accounts, would we?

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