Thursday, 19 January 2017

Woman of the Week: Marina Keemann

I first came across NAC physique competitior Marina Keemann thanks to the genius that is Hemuvisa. There she was, all hair and ripped muscle, four minutes into his 2016 FIBO edit last April. Jaw to the floor. The tan, sexy bulging glutes packed into pink leggings. The belly piercing and the ripped abs framing it. And OMG the HAIR!

It took me a while to get round to actually tracking her down, but finally, here she is on FMS our very first Woman of the Week, a new regular (but not in fact weekly) post.

Here she is. Marina. Her muscles. And that hair.

I am a sucker for long frizzy curls even when they're not attached to such a sexy muscular body. And Marina's go down all the way to those sexy bulging glutes...


Marina, now in her late 30s, has been fascinated by muscle since she was 11. Inspired by Arnold - "my role model then and now" - she joined a gym as soon as she was 18.

She competes in the NAC federation, where even the Bikini competitors are ripped, and in 2016, Marina had a good year. She was runner-up at the German Masters, and 3rd at the NAC World Championships in the "Ms Physique" category - think IFBB Physique with a few more striations, and fewer posing and posing suit restrictions.

I'm so glad I've found her! Thank you Hevumisa!!!

Here she is at the 2016 NAC Worlds.

There's also her routine at the German Masters to enjoy, and after that you might like to check out a 10-minute training clip of Marina from 2015. If your German is flie├čend genug, or you just really like watching gorgeous muscle women speaking a language you don't understand, you should check out this interview with Marina too.

And she's on Instagram.


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