Sunday, 29 January 2017

Thunder! Irene Mateos

We don’t usually talk about female genetics, but Iree Mateos has such an impressive physique it’s hard to simply ignore. You’ve heard of alpha males before I’m sure. There’s no doubt in our minds that Iree Mateos is certainly an alpha female.
Generation Iron, "Iree Mateos is the Definition of an Alpha Female", 11/11/16

Barcelona's Irene ("Iree" is her social media moniker) Mateos has received a fair bit of coverage in the mainstream (ie. for dudes) bodybuilding media in the last few months, none of it actually shedding much light on her story. Other than the fact that she’s a Figure class fanatic, we couldn’t find out much else about her! BroScience exclaimed. But let’s be honest... you’re not really bothered about her bio...

Well, actually...

I guess this is what separates me from the brahs.

In the absence of bio, we will have to make do.


Her role models are, as BroScience points out, mainly from Figure. Cyd Gillon's tiny waist is "perfection", Nicole Wilkins is "the kind of woman who inspires me", and Swann De La Rosa "is Bodyfitness". Her brah-magnet Instagram also features Candice Lewis-Carter, Tina Nguyen, and Joan Smith among others.

But she's also featured Dani Reardon, Olga Belyakova, and Heidi Vuorela - "great examples that teach us that having muscle does not mean being male, or having a big jaw" - and lately, one of FMS' 2016 Women of the Year, Anastasia Papoutsaki - "a beautiful woman, strong, feminine and incredible!" - who all compete in Physique. In fact, Irene, despite her protestations that "I do not use photoshop on my waist...", is given to occasionally putting up fakes of herself as a Physique competitor.

I wouldn't complain. Though it might be too much for the Brahs.

The one on the left at the bottom is the fake. In case you were wondering.

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