Friday, 27 January 2017

Thunder! jennifersueee

The tiger and lion may be more powerful, but the wolf doesn't perform in the circus.

It's the quote that jennifersueee has pasted across the top of her thightastic Instagram, so I guess we can conclude this lady values her freedom above all.

And if you suspect this rather leftfield opening means FMS hasn't managed to find out much else about this powerful and free-spirited young lady, then you'd be right!

Guess - on a certain level - she values her privacy too.

She is contactable though, although you had better have your wallet handy when you do. For $6.99/month her connectpal will give you access to "sexy exclusive 18+ photos/videos that do not appear on any other social media site, new content uploaded everyday!" You will be able to directly message her - she promises "daily interaction" - and the warning that you MUST (her capitals) be 18 or over to subscribe is probably all the info you need to know to know what you're going to get.

And no, I haven't. Not yet anyway.

If you do, would you mind asking her a few questions for me?

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