Saturday, 28 January 2017

Thunder! Juliana Mota

I know I know... this pose belongs to @bakharnabieva but I love her, so I do it too.

And I know I know, I kind of promised you at the start of the week that there wouldn't be any Brazilians, but in my defence Juliana Mota does currently reside in Paris, and, you know, surely any woman who recreates the "Bakhar pose" with such gusto - not to mention all the appropriate assets - has got to be worth a closer look, hasn't she?

You'll see my picture and will think: 'it is impossible for me', Juliana says.

Gosh! She's modest, isn't she? Oh, wait, she hasn't finished... You'll see my picture and will think: 'it is impossible for me, I cannot afford to be like that'. That's what most people do with themselves, self-sabotage. In a certain period of my life, I also saw these beautiful women with shapely bodies, and thought it would almost be impossible for me. But in my case it was only 'almost', I never gave up, even when my goal seemed very far away, and what you see is the result of years of training.

Given Juliana is only 22, she must have started young.

And unlike the majority of women we've featured this week, she's not averse to the idea of competing. Far from it, in fact. Last year, before she had relocated to Paris, she competed in the "Wellness" category at a show in Brazil. And loved it. It was so magical, everything turned out so perfectly, she says. I long for the stage, the smell of the oil, even the completely regimented routine, counting up the minutes of sleep. I even miss the hunger that was my most faithful companion! I felt so free on stage, everything went just the way it was meant to. It didn't look like it was my first time. It's a huge motivation to achieve even better shape, and I will. I can hardly wait!

Perhaps this means we'll be seeing a contest ready Juliana in 2017?

I can hardly wait.

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