Thursday, 26 January 2017

Thunder! Kortney Olson

Just wanted to give a mad shoutout to the MFCEO of @grrrl_clothing, this amazing company/group/movement - so many things, there's even a GRRRL conference in Vegas this May - Kortney Olson is a fierce, candid, real-talking goddess!

So, Kortney, erstwhile competitive bodybuilder, immigrant to Australia (where she became the country's first female armwrestling champ), recovering alcoholic, newly vegan, and officially (well, according to Stan Lee's Superhumans anyway) possessor of "the strongest thighs on the planet", now has her own clothing company, GRRRL.

But this beast (company, not Kortney, though on second thoughts it's pretty much the same thing) has become slightly more than just another fitness line. As the above quote illustrates, Kortney has kind of become - wittingly or unwittingly - the leader of some kind of female muscle movement. GRRRRL Power? You bet she has some.

Kortney, despite returning to the stage as a bodybuilder last year, has found her calling. And women all over the world are answering her call to "VAGUP" (really).

Now all of this might seem a tad intimidating to a certain kind of chap.

But, being the intelligent human being that she is (notice how carefully I'm choosing my words today, I should probably make a habit of it), Kortney sees it for what it is.

To the boy who called me disgusting: I forgive you.

I understand you're worried your identity is being taken away. You're supposed to be the rock. The strong one. The one who can have multiple wives. The one who is smarter. The one who makes everything OK. But that paradigm is gone.

Your reign is over. We're no better than. We're no less than. We are #Gquals.

So there's another hashtag for you to explore. Kortney's got a few originals. I couldn't possibly list them all here, #brickhouse is a personal favourite, and if you like thighs of thunder, the occasional picture of an actual house made of bricks, and all manner of other weirdness, check that out along with the many others on her Instagram.

And check out the grrrl army too.

I guarantee you'll be surprised by some of those Kortney's enlisted.

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