Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Tube Watch

FMS picks a few of the very best new clips from YouTube from the first few weeks of January for your viewing pleasure in our second installment of Tube Watch.


But only after a mind-boggling 225lb (just over 100kg) 32-rep set of deadlifts.

The woman is a freak. More jaw to the floor stuff from Michaela on her channel - 111 (yep, one hundred and eleven) squats with her bodyweight (circa 60kg) on the bar.

For Your Consideration

And staying with the WPD, defending Physique Internationsl champion Autumn Swansen's preparations are being documented by Midwest Muscle Report. You can watch an interview with her in a bikini in the ocean (actually it's not quite as sexy as a beach shoot with Autumn should be, but her velvet Southern accent saves the day - for me anyway!). You can also follow her as she builds up to and performs a shoulder/ bicep workout. Not as intense as Michaela, it's true, but lawdy that accent...


Probably better-known for being a muscular woman not shy about taking her clothes off and getting up to all sorts of naughtiness, Karyn Bayres is clothed unusually modestly while pumping up and flexing in this Double Biceps preview.

Bet that look she gives the camera at 1.39 had you imagining all sorts of naughtiness.

Satisfy your cravings on her blog.

For Your Consideration

And elsewhere in Europe, Zoltan Veigh continues to find more beautiful, sexy muscle models to shoot in his own inimitable way. FMS recommends pretty much everything he's ever done, but this "Behind the Scenes" look at Karina Gavrikova and her tanned, vascular midsection is brand new and well worth a minute of your time.


Remember that scene from Pumping Iron (not II) where Arnie goes on about the pump making him feel like he's "cumming day and night"? Ever wondered how it would sound if a female bodybuilder re-enacted the scene? Well, thanks to London-based director Emile Rafael with help from Rene Campbell, you don't have to wonder anymore.

How I missed this when it went up in September is beyond me.

The research team have been most righteously chastised.

Tube Watch will return towards the end of February.

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