Monday, 23 January 2017


Back in 2015, when there was still hope, although she had said she was going to quit competing as a bodybuilder, that Georgina McConnell would continue to train, she posted snaps of herself that emphasised her growing thighs. Her new goal, she said at the time, was the "Brazilian look" - huge thighs, huge bumbum, and a toned, not especially muscular, proportionately much smaller, upper body. Rather than trying to achieve a balanced physique, she was now looking for an imbalanced one.

My perception is that it's a look that has come out of Brazil, or probably more accurately South America in general, and become more and more popular. One or two Brazilians may creep into today's post, but almost all the women with thighs of thunder and, er, bumbums of boom(!) that we feature this week are from elsewhere.

According to Feminiqe, there are reasons beyond thousands more male Instagram followers for women to build their quads and glutes to such bodacious proportions. They include a lower risk of heart disease and arthritic knees in old age, a stronger core, more stamina... on the dance floor, and, er, better protection from their phone falling into the toilet (due to the lack of thigh gap, you see). Really.

Thunder thighs all week on FMS. Itty bitty waists too.


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