Friday, 20 January 2017

Tube Watch

FMS picks a few of our favourite new clips from YouTube from around the Christmas period for your viewing pleasure as a new, irregularly regular post makes its debut.

Welcome to Tube Watch.


Finally put up on December 28th, FMS Woman of the Year, Corinne Ingman, poses her way to victory at the WFF International World Championships. Corinne reckoned she "could have been a bit sharper" on the day, we say just look at those LEGS!!!

See also: the comparisons and the awards from Corinne's class.

For Your Consideration

FMS has bigged up the genius compilations of Valya Arn before. Pleasingly, the channel's output has become ever more frequent since. Of the several edits posted in the last month or so, FMS particularly recommends this offering from December 28th for many reasons, one of which would be that it has got Nicky Foord in it.


Another channel that puts together outstanding compilations, Ultimate Muscle, posted a number of clips mid-December from the 1989 NPC USAs under the tag "Ultimate Muscle Classics". FMS recommends checking out a young(er) Michelle Ivers, beautiful Julia Kover, Drorit KernesDonna Barentine and many more.

All the ladies are impressive one way or another, but no one - no one - has ever posed quite like Yolanda Hughes. She finished 5th in the Heavyweight class that year.

Imagine that!

I think it's a bit sad the last 20 seconds or so of the clips are given over to self-promotion for the channel. If a clip is advertised as 2.08 long, but actually finishes after 1.48, I have a tendency to feel a bit cheated. I think these clips, and Ultimate Muscle's edits in general, are far too good to need any of that sort of thing.

Just saying.

For Your Consideration

If you like to imagine that you could do what those female muscle photographers do, check out J.M. Manion working harder than any man has ever worked as he shoots Bikini Queen Yarishna Nicole Ayala in Puerto Rico earlier this year. The clip, posted on Christmas Eve, is "Part 2". The first installment was posted way back in August.


Cris Goy Arellano was your, the FMS readers, choice last year. After a comparatively quiet 2016, will she hold on to her crown in 2017? This preview clip from Double Biceps, posted on 21st December won't, I imagine, hurt her cause any.

Tube Watch will return.

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  1. I notice that the clip of Corinne is in 4k. It kind of makes me want to go and buy the biggest 4k TV I can find to watch those glutes and legs in all their magnificent detail.