Thursday, 12 January 2017

Marja of the Day

Legs 11 (out of 10)

She's rightly famous for her arms "as big as her head", but Marja's legs were almost (if not just) as wondrous. One March on the forum whose first rule is she was voted Biceps Goddess of the Month, and the following month Legs Goddess of the Month.

Look at the girth!

And look closer...

When she was 15, a teacher recommended she try sprinting. The weight training involved in preparation for her sprints ultimately led her to discovering her love of bodybuilding, but I imagine it also meant that she had developed her legs as a sprinter before she started to develop them further as a bodybuilder. Perhaps this was how her legs got the head start they needed in order to become so special.

One of the things I always loved about Marja was her penchant for the quad shake. Now I love a good quad shake no matter who is doing it nor how big her legs are, but when Marja shakes those mammoth quads then suddenly flexes them, it's truly heavenly.

Nobody has ever done it better.

Enjoy some of that here, and we finish today with an FTVideo classic.

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  1. Man, what a good idea to do those posts on Marja! You know how much I love her...