Saturday, 21 January 2017

Whatever You Do, Don't Give Up!

If your New Year's resolution - one of them anyway - was to get yourself (back) to the gym, then, statistically speaking, today - 21st January - is the day you give up.

FMS is here today to tell you that you are making a mistake.

Do you really want to turn your back on all these magnificent sights?

Granted, the chances of you seeing Anastasia, or Emeri Connery, or Gracyanne at your gym are, unless you are a citizen of one of the world's female muscle hotspots (Brazil, Miami, Rochdale etc.), approximately zero, but that doesn't mean there haven't been more modestly diverting sights at your local in your three weeks of toil so far, does it? And if you give up now these women will never get a chance to know you.

Seriously though, you are making a big mistake.

True story. June this year I was deadlifting an (after 5 years of steady lifting) unembarrassing weight. A woman who I'd been on nodding acquaintance with for a while asked if she could share the bar. She's not the best-looking nor the least married woman in the gym, but she's got muscle (and a rather shameful bit of Facebook stalking at a later date revealed she had achieved quite the transformation after 3 kids and 25 years without physical exercise). Anyway, we get talking and she tells me she's been following a programme she got off the website of Pauline Nordin.

Do you know her?

Do I know her?!?!

Yes, I do, I answered, and I think she's amazing, don't you? And that, dear readers, is how, for the very first time in my life, my knowledge of female bodybuilders proved not just handy, but actually gained me kudos. In the real world! It was quite a thrill.

Give up now and you'll never be asked if you know Pauline Nordin. Or Kim Perez. Or Karolina Holubcova. Or Jodi Boam. Never. Ever. I absolutely guarantee it.

Not in the real world.

True story - as told to me. A reader, just like you, made a slightly more sensible decision to get lifting in a serious way about six months ago (more sensible for starters because the gym is a lot less crowded in July than in January). Now this fella likes a session. And he's found, as his physique has developed for the better, so the experiences he's had from sessions has improved. Exponentially in some cases. And while the women haven't even mentioned his new muscles - perhaps compared to the men they usually hang around with we're all the same unhuge type! - his theory is that his confidence is sky high and that's why he's suddenly a punter who gets a bit extra.

Yes, I hear you, you don't do sessions, so this has nothing to do with you. Well get this, these powerful alpha women who do, well, in case you hadn't noticed, they're women. All women are going to pick up on the extra confidence you will get if you stick at it long enough. I know that, our sessioning reader knows that too, and so does every guy who's ever built himself a muscular physique knows that. And you will too.

Don't give up.

Already got a partner, already got a wife? Don't you wish they would lift?

Newsflash! Lying around the house surreptitiously perving over female muscle blogs (even those of the highest quality) and other sources of material for your viewing pleasure is not, research suggests, the best way to make that happen. Going to the gym yourself, getting in shape, looking good, feeling good... Apparently, this is not just one way of persuading your significant other to get busy becoming your significantly buff other, it's the ONLY way. Worked for me. Worked for Jackie Hague's husband. And for all those other bfs and husbands whose Bikini or Figure or even bigger wives and girlfriends tell interviewers "it was my man who first got me lifting" or similar.

It's never going to happen if you give up now.

And even if that never happens at all, your gf/wife never joins you at the gym...

Nevertheless, you do, in fact, continue to chisel away at your body, eventually sculpting a physique you take every opportunity to show off, don't you think you are going to like it, don't you think it's going to be a thrill when she looks at you with exactly the same kind of desire with which you've been looking at the beautiful, muscular, sculpted physiques of the women we've featured here today?

Whatever you do, don't give up.

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