Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Hayley McNeff's Jacked Brain's Big Plan

Whatever happened to Hayley McNeff?

Once upon a time circa 2009 the then 21-year-old with a killer combination of looks, muscles and charismatic stage presence exploded across both fan and mainstream bodybuilding forums alike. She won her first two regional shows, and then went on to appear at the 2010 Team Universe, where she won her class. The following year at the same show she seemed a shadow of her former self, and then promptly disappeared.

No one seemed to have a clue what happened. I am guessing she is not competing because most young people do not realize that Bodybuilding is a MARATHON... not a sprint, was the kind of "informed" theory posted on the brah forums. Well, not long before Christmas, Hayley (who'd been posting on Twitter and Instagram this whole time, so you really didn't need to be guessing, brah) emerged to set us straight.

I am alive! I disappeared in graduate school for a while! Now my brain is jacked! I know so many school things! Bachelors in Psychology, with a minor in Sociology and Anthropology. Then 1 year in a Forensics Psychology Masters program (Psychology and the Law) and a few years in a Masters program in Professional Counseling. I still have one last internship left, then I will officially have my Masters degree. I lifted so many brain dumbells. I had to get my brain as jacked as my body had become.

However... (here's comes the good news!)

I am considering making a brief comeback to Bodybuilding, well Physique. But I would do it on my own terms, in a way that would remind everyone of how women looked in the 80s and 90s in Bodybuilding, the Golden Age, the Arnold era. I would not get shredded or try to win. But I would be representing what women looked like when Bodybuilding was mainstream. It sounds like a stellar idea to me! The UFC is mainstream now. Why can't bodybuilding be!? Let's do it!!!

I shouldn't get carried away. "I am considering", "a brief comeback".

But it's hard not to feel excited at the prospect of Hayley doing this again...

See also Hayley's contest debut, and Hayley at the 2010 Team Universe.

And Raising the Bar, a documentary featuring Hayley, is now available on YouTube.

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