Thursday, 9 February 2017

My Aspen Rae

If there's a woman who slips more hair bra pictures past the IG police than Aspen Rae, I'd be surprised. Doubtless she doesn't have a body quite like Aspen's anyway.

They might not all be your "pure" one-cascade-of-locks-covering-each-orb type pics, but they are plentiful, playful, and often involve a pigtail and/or a well-placed phone.

She even does arty pop culture references...

Straight outta your television, is her description of her latest (above).

All in all there's a lot more to Aspen Rae than her adult-only "Play with Rae" website and her gorgeousness and her beautiful body. She likes a chopper for one thing.

Aspen is a helicopter pilot in training.

And, those muscles aren't just for show. Or rather they are. For shows. Contests.

She competed with moderate success in Bikini through 2015 and early 2016, but last summer she was preparing to make her Figure debut at the NPC San Francisco Championships. At the show she won every first place trophy (and big sword) it was possible for her to win - class and overall in both Novice and Open Figure.

For breakfast I'd have a glass of lemon water, lunch I'd lick an apple, dinner I would yell at myself in the mirror, is how Aspen describes herself five years ago. I was hungry, miserable, and I was a mess. I'm not that girl anymore. Today, I'm still a fucking mess but at peace with it. And with WAY BIGGER MUSCLES.

Tell me you don't heart that.

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