Thursday, 23 February 2017

Then & Now: 2007

In the days before the Hot and Hard 100 voting closes (and you've only got 5 left by the way), FMS likes to avoid influencing your decisions unduly by bringing you some historical, rather than contemporary, female muscle. This year we've come up with a kind of time machine idea, used a random date generator, picked a contest winner from that year, and tried to find out what that special lady from the past is up to now.

Today, 2007, and Light-Heavyweight Kristy Hawkins is preparing to take the stage at the NPC Nationals. It's her third time at the show, and the competition is fierce.


In all, there were 60 women who competed in Bodybuilding that year. Kristy triumphed in her class against (check this out for a line-up!) Britt Miller, Karen Choat, Elena Seiple, Amy Neal and I could go on. To win the Overall title, she posed down with (again, this is mind-blowing) Lightweight winner Beni Lopez, Middleweight Tina Chandler, and Heavyweight Beverly DiRenzo. Fans certainly got their money's worth at the NPC Nationals that year, n'est-ce pas?

Anyone winning a national title around that time had to be an exceptional bodybuilder. Kristy was, and is, clearly exceptional, and not just as a bodybuilder either. The year after her win at the Nationals - her first as a pro - she became Dr Kristy Hawkins when she completed her PhD in Chemical Engineering.

Her pro career was short and lasted just two more years. 2009 was definitely its high point, with a runner-up placing in at the Atlantic City Pro, and a 7th place at her one and only Olympia - and yes, the line-up that year was truly exceptional.


Staying in California after graduating from the Masters program at the California Institute of Technology, Kristy worked as a metabolic engineer, then as Director of a yeast engineering company. Most recently, she is one of four female partners who have set up Antheia, Inc., whose mission is "to make and fairly provide medicines to all who need them". I'm very proud of the company we are building, says Kristy.

And if you think she still looks like she lifts a weight or two, it's because she does. She really lifts. A lot. Kristy transitioned into Powerlifting soon after retiring from Bodybuilding, and within a few years she was breaking world records for her weight for the squat, deadlift, and total. Her personal bests are currently listed at a hernia-inducing 496lbs (225kg) for the squat, and - don't try this at home - 537lbs (almost 244kg) for the deadlift. She can bench 319lbs (145kg). She's about 165kg herself.

But Powerlifting doesn't even get top billing on her Instagram. The pugs do.

Kristy's got a few years before she hits 40. Again, that word - exceptional.


  1. Gods, she was one of the best. Brains, beauty and brawn. Her lilting voice was just icing on the cake.

  2. There seems to be a mistake-she is actually about 165lbs or 75kg.

    1. Yes! 165kg would not be good, would it?! Thanks for pointing that out, and for reading.