Thursday, 16 February 2017

Love Her Back

Yesterday it was all about mostly covering up. Today, quite the opposite.

I have an inkling that Laura Beaudry was the first topless muscle woman I ever saw, scrubbing her back in Musclemag (I'm pretty sure it was Musclemag, always that little bit racier than Muscle and Fitness). Brought up on summers at the beach on the south coast of England I'd seen plenty of women's backs in bikinis and swimsuits in my youth, but never a back like Laura's. It made quite the impression on young Swell, believe.

Perhaps this early imprint on my female muscle lovin' brain explains my special fondness for this particular angle on a muscular female body, although clearly I am not alone here, so it may just be these are simply hot pics and everyone loves them.

For one thing, they are "worth exploring", as one forum poster has put it. The backs on the beaches of the south coast of England in my youth were, almost without exception, fat and rounded. The muscular woman, even the not very ripped muscular woman, has more detail in every square inch of her back than all out of shape women put together. Who hasn't dreamed of running their hands between those muscles, perhaps whispering in her ear as you do so, telling her how much you love how developed her teres major is getting as you caress its intersection with her latissimus dorsi?

And who hasn't dreamed of being the back scrubber?

Or, while we're at it, the lucky guy (or girl) who gets to take the pic? After all, it's no easy task to shoot your own back at the best of times. To do it and flex all those beautiful muscles as well is truly next level stuff, so more often than not there's (at least) one other person in the room to help out. Nice work if you can get it, particularly at contest time when your other duties might include applying tan and/or oil.

Don't you just want to cup her lats and squeeze those thick, hard muscles?

Pull her towards you as you reach around, her back against your body (if you are a tall fella like me and she's average muscle woman height of 5' not very much her lower back is going to be in just the right spot - think about it!), caressing nipples, pecs, abs while at the same time your tongue and lips explore her traps, her delts, her neck...

There goes my overactive female muscle lovin' imagination again!

Maybe these pics are not so different from yesterday's after all. Yes, there is a lot on show as opposed to a little, but just enough stays hidden. As a result, that biggest erogenous zone of all (no, the brain) receives all the stimulation it needs.

Stimulate yours with 20 more pics that didn't make the final cut for today's post - here.


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