Friday, 3 February 2017

Readers' Choice: The Best of Marja

What's your favourite pic of Marja?

We asked, you lovely readers, and you answered. Here, today, are the pics you've chosen as The Best of Marja Lehtonen. And what a lovely little collection it is.

Not a lot of off-season Marja here. Off-season she was like "Mmmmm", as one reader put it, but all ripped and pumped in contest shape she just makes you go "WOW!"

I did ask for a "brief explanation" as to why you had chosen your pic, and I wasn't expecting literature or anything, but the above is about as highbrow as it got. Seems that when we are thinking about Marja, it's all about the base thoughts.

Such an hard choice, another reader said. I looked in my whole collection and I did search, a lot. And I had to cum of course. A lot before I made my choice!

I knew it would be a pic of Marja on stage before searching. Her look is totally insane on this one: confident, smiling and... oh boy, SO HUGE!!! No prizes for guessing what that reader did right after typing that sentence. His personal choice is the hands on hips Marja at the 2008 Atlantic City Pro, above right, same contest as the another reader's pick to its left. Different suit, different expression, but the same HUGE!!!

Even the non-stage photos of Marja you chose show her very much in top shape, big, bulging muscles rippling everywhere you look. Similar poses too. Abs and thigh(s) to the fore, one from HerBiceps, another from WPW. The latter has the added bonus of her biceps ("as big as her head") being on show as well. Both readers followed the general rationale to make their choice - I simply can't look at this picture without my cock instantly getting rock solid and ready to go, as the WPW Marja lovin' reader put it.

Back on the stage, a very tanned Marja at the 2007 Jan Tana in slightly more than a posing suit got one reader's vote. Marja in blue at (I think) an earlier show was nominated by another, not so much for her muscles as her look. I fantasise she's looking at me in the audience, he says. As she flexes, she sees my eyes roll back in my head as I... - no need to be coy, son, we all know what you mean, paint the picture properly in future - and seeing me like that turns her on, having that power...

And finally, a picture of Marja I was especially glad to see nominated because it had been one of my own personal final two. All the usual Marja bits are there - abs, biceps, thigh - but here you get the calves and the veins all over her arm and the veins all over her inner thigh too. If this doesn't stiffen your cock, one reader reckoned, nothing will.

Thanks to all of those who chose their Best of Marja. Without them, today's post would probably have been poorer. But even more importantly, a massive thanks to Marja herself. Without her I reckon all us would be considerably less, er... stiff.


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