Monday, 20 February 2017

Then & Now: 1989

In the days before the Hot and Hard 100 voting closes (and you've only got 8 left by the way), FMS likes to avoid influencing your decisions unduly by bringing you some historical, rather than contemporary, female muscle. This year we've come up with a kind of time machine idea, used a random date generator, picked a contest winner from that year, and tried to find out what that special lady from the past is up to now.

Today the year is 1989, and Bernadette "Bernie" Price is NABBA Ms Britain.


All-time UK great Bernie finished above the also great Colleen Yates and Beverly Hahn to win her first big title, and the same year won her class at the NABBA Europeans (there's another contest that has sadly disappeared). She won her class at the 1990 NABBA Worlds, and in 1992 was Overall NABBA Ms Universe.

Boyhood fantasy she was, confessed a Bernie fan in 2007 on the better UK bodybuilding forum. Anyway - where the bloody hell did she vanish to?

Funnily enough, Bernie herself replied:

After I won the World Championships and the Universe, I had a little girl, Hannah who's gorgeous! I had a real tough time giving birth to her because my abs were too tight - the midwives said I was too fit! They were even more surprised when I had a scan and they discovered a six pack on top of a huge bump! Life is really good for me. I have my own business and I'm still training hard in the gym as well as martial arts and yoga (can you be lethal but strongly calm?!!!) and I still miss the smell of coconut oil backstage and the sound of Michael Jackson's "Can You Feel It"...


Bernie kept going with her martial arts, and made it all the way up to instructor. As far as we know she still teaches Tai Chi in the Wirral. She is a massive fan of Moto GP, and last year got to meet several of the riders at the British Grand Prix. Lucky fellas!


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