Friday, 10 February 2017

She's So Kuhl

Adriana Kuhl, Swedish entrepreneur, friend of sexy Sophie, and sizzling muscle heatsress, is in the business of taking more than her fair share of topless, "hair bra", selfies. Look at all that hair. It can't all be Adriana's, can it? Of course not.

Adriana, you see, is also in the hair business, with her Stockholm salon, Wendy's Hair, and her online sales of hair extensions. So, what you're really looking at is not just a titilating female muscle selfie (I can't help myself with the puns and double entendres this evening), it's an advert for the very stuff that puts protein on Adriana's table.

And, I imagine, a very effective though not very expensive one.

Thing is, imagine the same shot by a more conventionally-bodied woman. Perhaps an equally driven entrepreneur thinking about joining Adriana in the hair business. She wants to show off her extensions, she's followed Adriana's model closely. She lets those extensions hang down, and snaps away. To her horror, what she sees is more of a hair tunic than a hair bra. She doesn't have half of Adriana's body. Literally. No boulder shoulders, no muscular back, and thus no width. No hard pecs to keep those extensions in place - no abs to show if she could get the hair away from her tummy.

Adriana has the body to wear that much hair. Our fictional unmuscular entrepreneur though would be positively drowning in it. Muscle women do it better. Again.

Adriana also flogs Brazilian gymwear - like the hair extensions, she models it herself, and she models it very nicely indeed. Join her 100,000+ followers on Instagram for more Kuhl. Her YouTube channel, Adriana Kuhl OFFICIAL, is worth a look as well...


And Happy St. Valentina's Day!

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