Friday, 10 November 2017

Glootasm of the Week

C. Moore's remit this time around may be a bit wider than previous guest slots on FMS, but my specific area of expertise then is still my area of expertise now. I am still very much a muscle butt man, and am reminded of the fact on an almost daily basis.

Today's reminder came in the form of Hayley Brylewski's glooty booty.

She got all ripped up recently for the British championships, and as usual the judges were pretty much immune to the charms of her shredded bum. I would love to hear what the feedback was for you, one of her UK Physique sisters wrote on Hayley's IG in the days after the UKBFF's latest debacle. Gonna try get some, replied our glooteal heroine, would like to know. C. Moore immediately opened a channel of correspondence with Hayley and requested she pass on his feedback - "You judge like a bunch of blind cnuts" - while getting hers. No response as yet from HB.

This pic got a response from C. Moore mid-morning yesterday though.

So gnarly, so unnatural, so gorgeous.

My joy trumpet boomed out praise and tribute.

Why not explore Hayley's IG with yours?

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