Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Fan-tasy: At Her Service

"GymSlave" (no relation!) is the second of our fantasists to share his deepest desire.
Art by Drew Jones

I think I saw the images maybe ten or more years ago, on Awefilms.

I'm not the biggest fan of female muscle "art" in general, but these really got me. It wasn't so much the drawing itself, but the artist's expression of a fantasy that until then I didn't know I had. I too wanted to be a sex slave to a dominant muscle babe in the gym. Serving her (or perhaps "servicing" is a better word!) as she pumps iron.

I grew up in the so-called "Magazine Years", so the vast majority of images I saw and jerked off to then were those pictorials of FBBs working out. I guess a shrink might say that my brain connected gyms with sex or something, and I freely admit that ever since I joined a gym (at 16), I have found them sexually arousing places to be.

The sound of plates against plates, of weights being dropped, the smell of sweat on the benches, the grunts, and best of all the sight of women lifting or casually checking their bodies out in the mirror all combine to make the time I spend there very erotic time indeed. Just being on my way to the gym can give me a raging hard-on.

I'm not the most or the least well-endowed, others will have to find their own comfort zone, but experience has taught me the tightest pair of undershorts I can get into is my best bet for keeping it in check. Doubling up adds security and self-confidence and, touch wood, so far my throbbing stiffies have never been noticed (or at least never called out) by fellow gymgoers - and I am constantly hard when I'm at the gym.

I don't kid myself that my fantasy will ever come true, but I get a special thrill watching those SheMuscle clips filmed in that kind of "dungeon gym" with all the old equipment. I imagine myself there with a tanned, naked Lisa Cross (who I also imagine would be totally up for letting me service her as her muscles - and big juicy FBB clit - swell) or Brandi Mae Akers or Lindsay Mulinazzi (again, both totally up for it I imagine). Only the naughtiest types with the most insatiable sex drives.

My absolute go-to clip is Tazzie Colomb, huge and sweaty and although she begins with a little top on, it doesn't last long. That gorgeous deep and sexy Southern accent, and lots of arrogant flexing to camera and for herself in the mirror. Towards the end of the clip she bench presses some serious weight for 20 reps (as I recall), topless, her pumping pecs glistening with sweat and swelling bigger and bigger. That would be the ultimate - to be there, hard and ready to do her bidding, to get my face between her legs and lap away, to be muscle f***ed unconscious as she rises from the bench totally fired up, dripping wet and ready to destroy the first hard cock she sees...

And that just happens to be mine!

Thanks to "GymSlave" for sharing. There'll be another Fan-tasy next week.

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