Thursday, 30 November 2017

Great Glootz of the 21st Century: Alina

Three down, two to go.

It seems almost rude to focus on just the one part of this body - the body that was, by general consensus between about 2011 and 2015, the body - but C. Moore can't help feeling that a post devoted solely to the glory of the Popa posterior is long overdue.

No lesser judge than Annie Rivieccio, a big fan of Alina's entirety, but a melting mess of girlie giggles in the face of Alina's twitching gloot meat, would agree. Probably.

Size, shape, quality over a period of time - all the things we've looked for in all of our Great Glootz - Alina's has in spades. Plus outrageously good control - bettered perhaps only by my soon-to-be-revealed #1 - and a penchant for choosing just the right outfits to showcase these magnificent mounds of female muscle meat. Alina had a great rear before she went stratospheric around 2011, and it has just kept on getting more and more bounteous. At her most recent contest appearance (the 2015 Rising Phoenix) while still stunning, other parts of Alina's Physique perhaps suffered a little from her long injury-enforced lay-off. That gloot meat, however, looked tastier than ever.

Here's 45 seconds of once-seen-never-forgotten Popa play.

Now, watch this.

If you still got anything left in the tank, these should finish you off nicely.

Oh Alina...

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