Saturday, 18 November 2017

Glootasm of the Week

Not exactly retro, but not exactly current either, I guess doing last week's NABBA Universe report got me pining for glutes that were slightly more front and centre, slightly thicker, and a lot more shredded than the Class of 2017 had to offer...

And Kay Goodwin's amazing routine from last year came to mind.

Kay starts her glorious routine with her beautiful bum confronting the judges and the audience, and by my reckoning spends a staggering 46% of the time she's on stage showing off her best feature. The front facing sections of her performance are mere transitions to the next time she puts her glutes in everyone's faces, and she finishes off (and more often than not finishes me off) with the only "glute bow" I've ever seen.

It's a clip I'd have worn out if it had been on one of my treasured old VHS cassettes. I've used it to warm up at the beginning of a session, to stay strong in the middle of one, and to provide release time and time again in the last year, and this week alone it has accounted for upwards of 20 (I stopped counting on Thursday) great big messes.


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