Thursday, 2 November 2017

Tales of the Towel: Towelheads

Redefining ethnic slurs so you don't have to...

Here's NPC Fitness competitor and self-styled "Lean Queen" Kyla Ford fresh out of a hot shower. Or maybe a cold one. I like to alternate between the hot and cold water for 1-minute intervals, she says, putting the water as hot as my body can handle, and then as cold as my body can handle. The hot water relaxes the body and helps to reduce stress, she explains, while the cold helps to reduce inflammation and stimulates the removal of toxins through the skin and lymph. So... which one's last?

Either way, if I didn't need a cold one already...

Not quite my idea of heaven, but definitely a starting point.

This must be what life with Dani is like. Twice a day, possibly. No wonder her (perfect) skin looks a touch dry. I'll grab the cream. Or even better I'll make some fresh. Cream.

What this woman does to me!

And last, but by no means least, it's to Russia we go. With love...

These are pretty rare items, I would say, because Ekaterina Kuznetsova's standard M.O. re: locker room and bathroom selfies is not to bother with the towel at all - and she's also (most happily) got a penchant for not bothering with the tiny thong either!

Kyla Ford is The Lean Queen on Instagram; in all probability I don't need to point you towards Dani's social media (but just in case, here she is), and you can find Ekaterina, aka "Katyukha", avec et sans thong on "the Russian Facebook" - her VK page.


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