Sunday, 19 November 2017


C. Moore, I am very pleased to say, is getting mail.

Seems some of you are actually appreciating my temporary takeover here.

Many of you also have questions, the majority on subjects which are scheduled to be answered in future posts - I still have (dare I say, at least?) two more weeks to go.

However, there were a couple of things that I wanted to set straight today.

First, no, of course it's not my bloody real name. My real first name does actually begin with C, but that is just a coincidence. C. Moore Glootz is a parody of - not a homage to - Seymore Butts, American pornographer. And without wishing to appear unkind, a fairly obvious one I would have thought. So now you know. Thanks for asking!

Secondly, there have been more than a few messages wanting me to declare "what kind of glutes" I prefer, more or less explicitly asking me to choose between Bikini-type girls, the various forms of Figure/Bodyfitness, Physique ladies, or big bad FBBs.

I don't discriminate.

I'm for all of them. And more.

Crossfit, athletics, beach volleyball, gymnastics... You name it, and if there are muscular rears on show I will watch and enjoy. Yes, OK, my top favourite behinds ever tend to come from the Female Bodybuilding realm, but that might be because during my formative muscle butt lovin' years there was no Bikini, no Figure/Bodyfitness, and no Physique either, so the vast majority of the gorgeous glootage I saw in that period in my life belonged to FBBs. These days, of course, there are relatively few of those.

Probably the best idea is for me to illustrate what I mean with some of the more recent additions to my "Special Favourites" folder. All shapes and sizes, all incredibly hot.

I guess what they all have in common is "unnaturalness", whether that means they are unnaturally big and round - take Anastasia's above, so gargantuan they leave rooms a good few seconds after her sunglasses do - or of the more shredded, tighter, harder - perhaps more obviously unnatural - variety. Either way, all these women have trained their behinds; none would look like this if they had simply let nature run its course.

So perhaps "supranatural" would be a better way of describing their bums (and their bodies in general). Smooth or shredded, Figure or Physique, Bikini or Bodybuilding, all women who lift are engaged in a fight to transcend what nature would have them be.

Have you seen Lauren Martin Stow's recent work with HerBiceps? The clips where she is in the street somewhere busy, wearing more than she could have got away with sure, but still showing off plenty. When I got over the amazement that not one guy had stopped and reached for his crotch to pay tribute - as C. Moore would have done (in times past, not since I got fixed, I should say), I began to fully appreciate just how ridiculously different LMS looks to every single other woman who walks into shot, a contrast so stark an alien visitor would think they were different species altogether.

And there would be little doubt which species was superior.

So the answer to the question is simply "supranatural ones". And I will continue to scratch my head at anyone who insists they "only go for FBBs" or whatever. These categories are arbitrary anyway, defined not by the women themselves, but by aging men in suits. Why pay any attention to them? Just celebrate the supranatural.

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