Monday, 6 November 2017

Welcome to Naughty November

Swell's face is a picture. Like it's been slapped by a wet fish's arse.


Ol' C. Moore is enjoying the moment even more than he thought he would.

And then it gets better. Then he starts, well, for want of a better, he starts begging!!! Tells J.J. that he knows his numbers is down and that, but he's been working on some great new stuff, stuff so great it'll turn the numbers around and blah blah, and - an unusual emotion for yours truly - there is this wave of sympathy comes over me and I kind of want to interrupt and tell him it's a done deal, that he's wasting his breath.

But, what can I tell you? That passed quick snap. Watching him beg was like watching Lisa Cross seduce and have her way with a normie in four Awefilms-length parts.


Long story short, (now 100% rehabilitated, no tag or anything) C. Moore is in.

Four weeks they have in their wisdom given me.

Don't personally have anything against ol' Swell, it was he who brought me into the FMS fam, but his numbers, as was pointed out at his time-for-a-bit-of-a-vacation "meeting", have not been good and have not been showing signs of recovery. And what they want, they say, is a tone change. C. Moore knows what they really want - numbers. Page views. Old fans to return, new fans on board. And C. Moore means to give it to them.

[Just to be clear, it was felt that FMS chief writer 6ft1swell was perhaps in need of a little rest and relaxation and consequently he has taken a four-week leave of absence, during which time the blog will be edited by C. Moore Glootz, a writer who has previously contributed several very successful pieces to the blog when he has been at liberty to do so - ed.]

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