Thursday, 23 November 2017


Take a good look at Katie.

Take your time, take a really good, long look.

Look at her perfect hair, her beautiful eyes, her sexy pout that says "I know what this is doing to you". Take a look at that huge ball of muscle, the strain it's putting the fabric of her top under, how close to exploding through that fabric it is. Then look again at her eyes, her lips, and hear her deep and sexy voice - "I know what this is doing to you".

And she is not wrong, is she?

Imagine NOT being turned on by her.

Impossible, isn't it?

You've probably got it out and already got to work. I did exactly the same thing when I first saw it up on GWM. A click to open the page, another to see it full size, unbutton...

Zero to rock hard in less than five seconds.

And, you may have noticed, Katie's hardly underdressed, is she? Not exactly the raciest photo I've seen of her, nor the raciest photo I saw that morning, which by the way was the one below and yes of course Tess Stumpf and her not-so-little nugget had exactly the same effect on C. Moore. I was, to say the least, busy that morning.

I'm getting off the point though, which is my attempt to get into the head of the fellas who find themselves impervious to, even repulsed by, the charms of Katie, Tess et al, charms which are so obvious to you and me there's no need for me to describe them.

What do they say, these non-heads?

Well, OK, what I can (just about) imagine is that the biggest of the big are "a step too far" or however they are saying it these days. I can understand that some of the more extreme women are something of an acquired taste and have only minority appeal.

But, I have a couple of problems with this "gone too far" argument.

#1 is that it suggests, very strongly, that they are attracted to muscle women who aren't, in their heads, "too much". Most would deny this of course, but anyone who pays even lip-service to logic should avoid this argument. And #2, none of them seems very able to articulate exactly where they draw the line. Is it all Female Bodybuilders? Does it include Physique women? Where does "too much" become "not too much"?

And don't give me any of that "looks like a man" toss either.

Lisa - huge, ripped, freaky and very much on the extreme side in anyone's book (in our books that's all the better) - doesn't look like a man here, never has and never will.

It's just nonsense.

"I was waiting for a penis to drop out of his shorts" I saw some wag had written on a Marthe Sundby (God rest her soul) YouTube clip once. I don't believe him, and not in the sense that I think his comment is uncouth and inappropriate and beyond the pale, but in the sense that I actually don't believe that was what he was waiting for.

You don't have to be as subjective as you or I to see that while muscle women don't look like your average woman, they don't look like muscle men either, and nor do they look like average men. So, have our wag and the rest of the "looks like a man" brigade forgotten to put their contacts in or is there something else going on with them?

There are two kinds of guys in this world, our currently-on-vacation friend 6ft1swell likes to say. Guys who know they love female muscle, and guys who don't know.

The kind of guy who bothers to post a hateful comment is, according to Swell's theory, in the former group. They are "a knower", and they are living in denial. He pities them, and thinks we all should, even those who leave hateful comments, and he reckons they deserve our pity. They are so conditioned by their society that they are quite unable to redefine themselves as "the kind of guy who likes muscle women", as an outsider, as a freak, and end up trolling because they can neither give in to their lust, nor stay away.

We happy few are the rest of the knowers.

What of the "don't knowers"?

A small percentage of those that don't know, Swell says (and I'm paraphrasing now), a percentage that, in this Age of Information is getting smaller all the time, don't know because they have never seen a woman with muscle. Then there are those who haven't found what he refers to as "their gateway woman" yet, but sooner or later will.

Yer man might like his ladies dark and find enlightenment through Courtney Rheams' beautiful black physique. He might find his way in thanks to Louise Rogers' silicone MILFy rippedness or Guluzar's bulging flat-chested beauty. Look at Juliana and Jodi (three rows above). If you are here you are probably a fan of both, but you also probably prefer one of them. Same with our still-in-the-dark soon-to-be friends.

This "gateway" service is, he believes, probably provided most often by women like Vanessa Lopes Moraes (above), less threateningly shredded, displaying many if not all of the conventional norms of beauty front and centre, just with added muscle.

It's a theory, and these paragraphs are just the tip of the iceberg.

Swell could write a book about it. Maybe he already is.

For me though, the question of incomprehension remains. I, like many I have spoken to, were turned onto this life at such a young age that we can barely remember what it was like before - if we can remember at all. "Our porn", as they say, has always been Female Bodybuilding, and often we began not with the "safer" looks of a Vanessa or a Sandra, but at the more extreme end of the spectrum, and have worked our way away from there towards Swell's "gateway" women as the female muscle world has changed.

Imagine NOT being aroused by Dani.

Imagine NOT being aroused by this beauty (I don't even know who she is!).

It's still impossible, but having tried to understand these deniers/haters/non-believers we might come to the conclusion that it's impossible for a reason. They're just as aroused as we are. Either they just don't know it, or just haven't admitted it yet.

I believe many of them will though.

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