Monday, 27 November 2017

Great Glootz of the 21st Century: Maria Rita

The third installment of C. Moore's top 5 is some prime Argentinian beef.

I'm so in awe of what I'm looking at that I am struggling to remember to breathe. And it's not even the striations, nor the size of them that is (briefly but completely) paralysing me from the waist up but the sheer density her glootz seem to have.

A thousand fantasy scenarios, all of which involve at least one part of my body touching those magnificent specimens, flash through my mind, but the one I select - as below the waist it's all systems go - has her milking me with precise muscle control.

I have issues with this contest clip, camera operator issues.

Yes, I know her back is pretty stunning. and many a male BB - even among the pros - sport less developed traps. The Christmas tree thing, yes, I know. But all the same, if Rita's facing the rear, don't focus on her upper body. Show her top to toe if you must, but never ever let those glootz be out of shot again. There should be a law against it.

Sadly, due to technical issues, we don't have a (not very well) hidden Maria Rita clip for you to enjoy as a follow-on from the above today. If those issues are resolved though, look out for an update here. It'll be worth your while checking back eventually.

Have a few contest images to be going on with...

Now that's what I call glootage!

Oh Rita...

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