Monday, 27 July 2015

Champion of the Day: Carla Rossi-Roan

NPC Masters National Bodybuilding Championships
Masters Over 35 Light-Heavyweight Bodybuilding

Remember this back? This was Carla Rossi (now going by the slightly longer name Carla Rossi-Roan) three years ago as she prepared for the 2012 NPC USAs. She competed as a Middleweight at that show. Given the state of her back, you won't be surprised to learn that she won her class. However, her class win did not guarantee a pro card - out of the four class winners at the show, Tierany Chertein (Light-Heavyweight & Overall) and Denise Dinger (Lightweight) did receive one, but both Carla and Jennifer Kennedy (Heavyweight) missed out.

A couple of weeks ago at the NPC Masters Nationals, it was a case of history repeating itself for Carla. She won her class, but once again, sadly, not her pro card. So, including the USAs win in 2012 and the Masters win most recently, Carla has now finished either first or second in her last four national level shows.

Now I don't know how important that pro card is to Carla, but she does keep trying - her appearance in Pittsburgh this month was her first for two years - so it seems a shame that she hasn't got the reward and the chance to compete as a pro yet.

Still, she doesn't seem to be under any illusions about what to expect from her chosen sport. Bodybuilding doesn’t pay you, she told Gene X Hwang in 2014, you pay bodybuilding – with your time, your money, and your soul. There is no other sport (that I’m aware of) that demands so much and gives so little in return.

So little to some more than others, it seems, and wouldn't Carla know. Maybe today's little tribute (or lamentation would perhaps be a better word!) can remind her that bodybuilding has given her fans, if nothing else, and I'm pretty sure there are many among you readers who feel the same about her pouting muscular sex appeal as I do.

I'd like to be able to tell you where you could connect with Carla and show her a bit of love, but I haven't found any personal pages she has, so unfortunately I can't even do that. Best idea so far is that we all just concentrate really hard and send Carla positive vibes through the power of our universal female muscle lovin' consciousness...

Or perhaps not. But despite all the bad news, I really thought Carla was looking as good at the Masters Nationals as she has done since her peak around the 2012 USAs, and so I really hope this isn't going to be the last time we'll be seeing her on stage.


More pictures of Carla at the show here.

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  1. That first picture comes from one of my favorite videos ever!
    Still awesome, even after having watched it many many times over the years...
    Such a great athlete, such a sexy woman...