Thursday, 30 July 2015

Champion of the Day: Karolina Borkovcova

WFF Universe
Extreme Body

The woman formerly known as Karolina Holubcova followed up her win at the NABBA Worlds (see FMS passim) by taking the WFF Universe "Extreme Body" (ie. Bodybuilding) title in France at the end of June. Same routine as the Worlds, same thong-tastic (though different colour) posing suit. No complaints whatsoever.

You can follow Karolina's further adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

And you can also follow Karolina's prep for the NABBA Worlds on the BODYFLEX Fitness YouTube channel. Fans of "A Day in the Life of" style clips will LOVE this. Volume 1 is here, and there are two more that follow, adding up to well over half an hour's insight into this Czech muscle goddess's world. Better still, the BODYFLEX bods have actually been bothered to give the clips proper English subtitles, so you can even understand what is being said - if that's important to you!


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