Thursday, 2 July 2015

Lisa G Is...


In the alternative universe we all fantasise about where all models have muscles and the very top models are all female bodybuilders, I reckon Lisa would be THE supermodel. She'd be recognised and in demand the world over, picking and choosing her shoots, and generally leading an impossibly glamorous jet set lifestyle...

[Have you, I wonder, considered the possiblity that it may just be you who fantasises in such detail about such an alternative universe? - ed.]

Sadly, this isn't the case, but nevertheless, if Lisa didn't exist, the mind of Edinaus would probably have created her. She is undoubtedly one of the most photogenic and well-proportioned female bodybuilders in recent years. She's a natural in front of the camera, and has worked with pretty much every major female muscle site and photographer with - more often than not - absolutely smokin' hot results.

I've picked a sort of Top Ten - one each from ten female muscle photographers.

It was a tough job, but for my readers, there's no hardship I wouldn't endure!

Twixpix (left) & DG Photography (right)
Athletic Women Magazine (left) & Femflex (right)
Wings of Strength
Her Flex Appeal

Krivs Studio (left) & FTVideo (right)
HD Physiques (left) & Her Biceps (right)

And we leave you today with a little more from Her Flex Appeal. Lisa in that dress - although calling it a dress as such is pushing it a little, so let's say "outfit" instead.
She's not at her biggest here, but that never spoiled my enjoyment.


Lisa G Is... reaches climax tomorrow.

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  1. "Lisa G Is... reaches climax tomorrow"
    I acutally reached climax many times with her videos and pictures^^
    Sorry for that!